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Miriam Nelson, MPT, OCS & COMT
Miriam Nelson
Welcome to The Runner's Mechanic and  This program is a unique running clinic in Asheville, NC that allows any level of runner to receive individualized  assessment and treatment, based on the latest research and evidence- based techniques. 

Sessions include the following services:

Running Interview:
The evaluation begins with a thorough review of your medical and running history. This is imperative for structuring your session so it is custom fit for your running goals and/or any health related problems.

Musculoskeletal Assessment:

Musuloskeletal AssessmentAfter the interview a physical exam is performed to measure the alignment, strength, and flexibility of multiple body joints including the spine, hips, knees, and ankle. This includes evaluating core strength and balance. We review your posture in static and during dynamic movements to assess areas of dysfunction.

Biomechanical Video Gait Analysis:

Gait AnalysisGait AnalysisThe video analysis exam is where we look at your running from multiple view points. During a review of the video we are able to analyze biomechanical positions in fractions of a second to observe at what exact point in the running gait cycle dysfunction is occurring.

Customized Core and Flexibility Program:

Core StabliizationYou will be instructed with a customized strength and stretching program specific to your body based on your running exam. This program will include functionally based activities geared toward running postures, and will include information that is evidence based in current exercise research.

 Foot and Ankle Alignment:

Ankle AlignmentAn examination of structural foot and ankle alignment will be performed to assess how your foot accommodates to running terrain and functions in shoe wear. This will allow recommendations to be made regarding proper foot wear and/or the appropriateness of orthotics for lower extremity alignment. In some cases orthotics are a good adjunct to aid with foot dysfunction.

Treatment Services

Treatment ServicesTreatment techniques may include, but are not limited to, soft tissue and trigger point release, dry needling, joint manipulation, taping techniques including Kinesio TapingŪ, corrective exercise and home programs, video analysis, real time gait re-training, and shoe wear/ foot orthoses evaluation.

"I asked Miriam to work with me on what I thought was a piriformas injury. I had tried ART, massage therapy, rolling and stretching. Nothing seemed to be helping. Miriam did a full body accessment and gave me some recommendations for treatment. Under her guidance I have been running injury free since her diagnosis and treatment plan. " R.C.,  Asheville NC

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