Who is a typical client?

My clients usually fall into 2 categories due to my specializations

        1. Clients who are runners. I see running athletes of all levels and ages. This population spans the gap from novice

            runners and youth athletes to collegiate runners, marathoners and ultra-marathoners.  This kind of patient seeks me

            out due to the comprehensive nature of the evaluation session and the myriad of treatment approaches targeted

            toward the individual and their specific gait mechanics.

        2. General orthopedic patients who value a higher level of therapy care. Clients with relatively common diagnosis

            including foot/ankle, back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain frequently choose my services because they desire

            individualized care and the specialized services I offer appeal to them. At times these are people who have been seen

            previously by one or more healthcare professionals and received little or no relief from their symptoms. I also

            frequently see post-surgical patients who never recovered from their pain or limited range of motion despite the

            surgery being otherwise successful.

How many sessions are usually effective?

     For most diagnoses, 5-8 sessions are recommended to greatly reduce or eliminate long standing symptoms. A large reason fewer sessions are generally needed for successful outcomes than in typical outpatient settings is my many years of experience and advanced training as a physical therapist. I have been practicing orthopedic physical therapy for 15 years, and have received dual certifications as both an orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) by the APTA and an orthopedic manual therapist (COMT). Within my profession I am considered an expert in the field of biomechanical analysis for running and walking gait, and have developed a series of highly effective techniques for gait re-training to decrease loading forces responsible for soft tissue and stress injuries. I teach these techniques nationally through an accredited seminar company to other health professionals, and have received very positive feedback regarding more rapid improvement of running related symptoms with the utilization of these techniques versus standard rehabilitation programs.

How is payment and insurance handled?

     The Runner’s Mechanic is a cash-based business and I am considered an out-of-network provider for private insurance companies. I have strived to keep pricing very reasonable to prevent cost from inhibiting the care many individuals need. The approximate rate of $80/hour for treatment sessions has been selected due to being comparable to many insurance company co-payment amounts for outpatient therapy. Clients are offered a detailed receipt that allows them to apply their payment to flexible spending accounts or toward their out-of-network deductibles.

     Cash payment also allows for a higher standard of care unrestricted by insurance requirements. A key example is my ability to conduct a 2-hour evaluation specific for runners’ needs to collect a maximum amount of information to allow for the minimum number of follow up treatment sessions to meet client goals.  In my experience this approach to care allows a client with any orthopedic issue to have a very efficient rehabilitation experience, and eliminates the need for extraneous sessions often dictated by insurance companies.

     Please note I am not able to treat Medicaid patients due to the special requirements of this insurance entity.  Also if a patient is covered by Medicare they must fill out and sign the Medicare Beneficiary Consent. This form legally states that under no circumstances will a Medicare patient submit claims to Medicare for services rendered by the Runner’s Mechanic. This inability to file for reimbursement is due to the fact I am not an approved Medicare provider nor is the clinic Medicare compliant, and violates legal issues specific to Medicare.

Please contact me personally if you have any questions regarding these issues.

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