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Physical Therapy for Runners


Biomechanical analysis and treatment sessions for runners to profile their running form, efficiency, and individual characteristics including strength, flexibility, and alignment. This running analysis is meant for runners of all ages and levels. High school athletes, seniors, recreational joggers, and elite-level runners are all very appropriate for this type of evaluation. It is also a very unique experience where a runner can learn more about himself or herself as an athlete, and understand good habits as runners to use throughout their lives.

Physical Therapy Asheville

General Physical Therapy

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment sessions for anyone experiencing pain or limitation with normal everyday activities or postures. Ideal for many different types of athletes such as road cyclists, mountain bikers, rock climbers, and those who attend various weight lifting gyms. Most orthopedic conditions of joint and muscle pain, spanning from mild to severe, are addressed with treatments appropriate and comfortable for each client. Less general conditions such as foot/ankle pain, wrist/hand pain, headaches, and chronic post-surgical pain are also commonly seen.