Runner's Analysis Initial Evaluation and Treatment
$200 / 2 hours*

General Orthopedic Evaluation
$130 / 1 hour

Treatment Sessions (existing clients)
$100 / 1 hour*

Partial treatments available, see scheduling page

*New patients must schedule an evaluation for first visit




How is payment and insurance handled?

The Runner’s Mechanic is a cash-based business meaning an out-of-network provider for private insurance companies. I accept cash, check, credit, FSA or HSA. I have strived to keep pricing very reasonable to prevent cost from inhibiting the care many individuals need. The approximate rate of $90/hour for treatment sessions has been selected due to being comparable to many insurance company co-payment amounts for outpatient therapy. Clients are offered a detailed receipt that allows them to apply their payment to flexible spending accounts or toward their out-of-network deductibles.

Cash payment also allows for a higher standard of care unrestricted by insurance requirements. A key example is my ability to conduct a 2-hour evaluation specific for runners’ needs to collect a maximum amount of information to allow for the minimum number of follow up treatment sessions to meet client goals. In my experience this approach to care allows a client with any orthopedic issue to have a very efficient rehabilitation experience, and eliminates the need for extraneous sessions often dictated by insurance companies.

Please note I am not able to treat Medicaid patients due to the special requirements of this insurance entity.  Also if a patient is covered by Medicare they must fill out and sign the Medicare Beneficiary Consent. This form legally states that under no circumstances will a Medicare patient submit claims to Medicare for services rendered by the Runner’s Mechanic. This inability to file for reimbursement is due to the fact I am not an approved Medicare provider nor is the clinic Medicare compliant, and violates legal issues specific to Medicare.

Please contact me personally if you have any questions regarding these issues.