My name is Julia Rodriguez and I am a sophomore at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I lettered for four years as a long distance runner in high school and run as a scholarship long distance runner for Furman. As a student-athlete, my health and performance are very important. I was having injuries and shin/joint problems affecting my performance and occasionally preventing me from running.

I was referred to Miriam Nelson, a running Physical Therapist specialist in Asheville, SC, by my PT in Tampa. Best decision I ever made regarding my running mechanics and overall running performance! Miriam was able to determine the mechanics problems affecting my running and muscular/skeletal health! Miriam worked with me all through the Fall of 2014 and made improvements to my gait and posture, resulting in consistent and faster running. I was able to cut 1 minute and 20 seconds off my personal best in 5K Cross-country racing, and finished fourth overall in the Southern Conference Championships. I have remained injury free.

Miriam provided professional, one-on-one, therapy sessions as well as high technology treatment modalities that benefited my well-being and running in an exceptional manner. She is the best and highly recommend her....She is the bomb!
— Julia Rodriguez, Furman University, Long Distance Runner

I first started visiting the Runner’s Mechanic for basic performance maintenance during offseason training at the Olympic Training Site at East Tennessee State University. While away at a bobsled national team camp, I suffered a significant calf injury while sprinting. I trusted Miriam with my rehabilitation and she laid out a comprehensive plan for returning to training - which included therapy techniques and strengthening exercises. She was patient with my questions and genuinely cared about my progress. I returned to full strength for the bobsled season and most importantly, had no reinjures. I can’t say enough about my experience at the Runner’s Mechanic – optimal and professional care!
— Katie Eberling, 2x Bobsled World Championship Medalist

Running Physical Therapy
You are a major part of my team and if you were not there I wouldn’t be able to train on the highest level and do my best every day. You take injury prevention and injury treatment to a whole another level! The positive energy that you have powers me and gives me motivation to be better and take care of things that I can do on my end to stay healthy. So thank you for that, I am really grateful that you’re on my side!

— Milan Ristic, Rio 2016 Olympic Calympian: Men's track and field, Serbia

Miriam is THE best. After months of other treatments with no resolution, Miriam helped me to recovery in a few sessions. I feel like Miriam is one of the few who really understand how the body works as a whole and how to get to the root of a problem. Others treat just painful areas, but it often stems from something else. I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone who could benefit from her services.
— Kyle Gilliland
I would recommend that anyone who has trouble or pain while walking or running see Miriam- even minor irritation can lead to injury and recovery times that are major setbacks! If they could be prevented or the impacts minimized, then that would be a big advantage! I would also say that if you have had an injury before, I would definitely recommend setting up an appointment! I feel like I am finding ways to not only expedite my recovery, but how to set myself up for success going forward!
— Janis McCambridge
Miriam is a wonderful therapist. She helped me get back to pain free running with a complete body assessment and specific exercises designed to strengthen my imbalances. The program really worked. I would highly recommend her!
— Jeanne Propst
A gifted healer. Issues are usually resolved minutes into the session.
— Charles Clement Lichtenberger
Miriam is the best! She has incredibly deep physiological and anatomical knowledge. As many know, she often teaches in other parts of the US. She treats my family and many of my friends. I’ve had good outcomes on a number of exercise related injuries. Lastly, she shows great kindness and concern for patient care.
— Chris Stath Smith
Everything seemed to come together tonight in the woods. New stride, arm motion, bent knee and happy feet. I ran faster with less bodily abuse this evening. When I brought everything together I just felt smooth and efficient. Continue to share your gift :)
— Paul Christopher
After months of piriformis and hamstring pain and tightness, I finally found relief with Miriam. Her dry-needling techniques along with targeted exercises have made all of the difference for me.
I am able to enjoy running again! Her no-nonsense approach to relieving pain is just what I want in a physical therapist. I will definitely recommend her to others.
— Wendy Wright
Miriam is very thorough in her initial consult. I was impressed with the amount of time she spent with me. The home exercises she recommended have significantly changed my running and I will be scheduling a follow-up in the near future.
— Ashley Stewart Alexander
I was referred to Miriam by a couple fellow runners. After dealing with a pulled hamstring/piriformis, I struggled for months, until Miriam got a hold of me! She was incredibly thorough in determining my root issues and through her treatments and rehab regime, I progressed quickly. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work, professional and kind. A lovely person who truly cares about her patients’ well being. Highly, highly recommend her to anyone!
— Melinda Worley Ebbs