Uphill Drills and Strengthening

Warm Up

  • Wand Squats (Heels on the Floor) 8-12 rep

  • Wand Split Lunges (Tall posture with Flat Back) 8-12 rep


Agility Ladder 8-12 rungs

  • Forward step and Side step 4 laps   

  • Single leg ankle hops : Forward and Side 2 laps (AmazonBasics Agility Ladder $12)



  1. Power A Skip 10-20 m


2. Push Press 5 reps, 4 sets

**Remember to let knees flex quickly right before driving bar up and extending knees fully, “pops” the bar overhead


Box Jump 5 reps

6,8,12, or 24 in box or step

*Can start in a seated position for extra challenge to gluteals and quads

Focus on quick landing of both feet COMPLETELY planted on the box

(Can improvise with running stairs/bleaches and slow step down to return if at a track)


Bungee Single Leg Take Off with Step

  • Forward 30 sec 2 sets

  • Side 30 sec 2 sets

Med Ball Deep Squat Throw 5 times



Agility Ladder:

(AMAZON): $11.95 REEHUT Agility Ladder w/Free User E-Book + Carry Bag - Speed Training Equipment for High Intensity Footwork (8 Rungs 12 Rungs 20 Rungs)

Sports Cord:

(AMAZON) $29.95 Scandinavian Sports Bungee Resistance Speed Band Set – 360° Rotation, 80 lbs Resistance Strength Bungee Cord 22ft Length, Sport Cones and Bonus Exercise Folder – Acceleration & Speed Training Tool

If you need a door anchor for the cord: (AMAZON $8.50) DYNAPRO Door Anchor- Made Extra Large to fit D-Handle Resistance Bands


AMAZON : Adjustable 6-8 in arobic step $35.99Best Choice Products 30in Height-Adjustable Aerobic Step Platfrom Exercise Accessory w/ 3 Levels, Non-Slip Surface

WalMart: $67 Buy-Hive Plyometric Jump Box Fitness Exercise Jumping Platform 12"/18"/24" Bounce Training

WalMart: $107 Sunny Health & Fitness No. 072 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box Jump Training